Connecting technology, people and believes!



Connecting technology, people and believes!


We create, deliver and capture the value of decentralized energy resources for the supply of affordable, clean and safe power, water, heat and cooling.

We acquire finance, participate and execute technology scale-up, commercial application development, strategic market development, manufacturing and industrialization of circular energy systems.

Doughnut Economics is our compass and we embrace initiatives that support social economic development and help us ensure that we do not overshoot our pressure on Earth’s life-supporting systems, on which we fundamentally depend.

Challenges we passionately address

The demand for water, food and energy is increasing driven by a rising population, rapid urbanization, changing diets and economic development.  Food, water and energy sources are interconnected and interdependent (nexus). Social and climate change will impose additional pressure on the, already unbalanced, security of all sources.

Present: Unmet Needs

  • 900 million people have no access to clean water
  • 1 billion people have no access to electricity
  • 1 billion people have insufficient food supply

Future 2050: Increasing Demand

  • Water demand will increase by 55% !
  • Food production would need to increase by 60% to feed more than 9 billion people !
  • Energy use will increase by 50%!

The absence of infrastructure in developing regions result in a lack of access to basic water and energy services.
Developed counties face a significant challenge to achieve the agreed climate change goals while they have to build a thriving economy for all citizens.

The present unmet needs, increasing demand, environmental pressure and lack of infrastructure offers serious challenges for communities, industry and governments in the next decades to come. 

Industries and governments are desperately seeking for new technology and new business models to increase their sustainable energy, water and food capacity, and manage related investments.

“Circle NRG fosters well-being and prosperity with local production and distribution of sustainable and affordable electricity, water, heat and cooling, as a service.”


Clean, affordable and reliable ENERGY, i.e. electricity and heat, is the essential component that will unlock the production of water and food and will enable new and traditional industries to use natural resources within the boundaries of our planet.

We scout, develop partnerships and participate to accelerate, build and deliver distributed medium and small size ENERGY systems in which electricity and heat are circulated and integrated to maximize the efficient production and use of resources.

Circle NRG implements circular technologies and makes energy and water distribution more efficient and affordable for end-users and generate the needed returns for all stakeholders, i.e. investors, partners and governments. 

We offer clean and safe distributed resources and circular systems that are:

| Available anywhere & anytime |

| Affordable for public, private and industrial users |

| Secure with limited or no production fluctuations to ensure business continuity |

| Scalable and provide on-demand variable resource capacity |

| Certified and guaranteed sustainability, safety and reliability |

| Taxable in revenues & returns, as required by governments |

We achieve our goals through:

Inventiveness, creativity and progressiveness

Constant innovation and scouting of the latest technologies. Flexibility, efficiency, creativity, expertise and speedy route to market in partnership with key stakeholders are essential for developing sustainable energy businesses.


Smartly designed customer centric business models and combinations of products and services to capture the value being created. From delivering tangible products and equipment to “Resources as a Service”!


We participate! We use our extensive manufacturing and industrialization expertise and create strategic alliances and joint ventures with technology and business partners to share manufacturing and market development risk and success.


We are a team of senior professionals with complementary expertise in various industries including but not limited to automotive, energy, finance, logistics, chemistry, healthcare. 

We draw upon our broad-based network developed over many years of working and living in Europe, Middle East, Africa, United States and Australia for financial, energy, automotive, infrastructure, high tech and R&D organizations, as well as our extensive strategic alliances, ventures and organizations in the aforementioned industries.

Circle NRG Team & Partner Network

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A dynamic strategist in business development, sales, B2B marketing, and business leadership with more than 25 years of experience at the forefront of international revenue growth in the automotive manufacturing, ICT and clean energy industry.

Demonstrable history of turning around underperforming business units and delivering multimillion-dollar / euro revenue growth, with significant increases in gross margins.

Proven track record of delivering winning strategies for generating significant increases in sales – targeting product development, advanced technologies, new business opportunities, market penetration, joint partnerships / alliances.

Specialized in positioning product portfolios and developing business model for advanced technologies to create a significant competitive advantage.


Rob van der Stel


Experienced Business Management and Growth Strategy professional with an extensive background in Strategic Business Development and Technology Commercialization in innovation and technology driven organizations.

I apply scenario-based thinking and methodologies to master complexity, reduce uncertainty and develop new opportunities in complex ecosystems and support the creation and diversification of organizations, countries and regions.

Founder of VEROCY; a strategic foresight and development gateway for international investments, (new) business and value management and resources in dynamic, complex, politically challenging countries and regions in the Middle East and North Africa.

Energy TrendActor; a community of industry and subject matter experts that wants to Share their passion, expertise and knowledge to help you Learn and Act on digital innovation trends and how Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Robotics, Blockchain, Digital & Services Marketing will impact industries, customers, organizations and employees.


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